Monday, March 30, 2009

Cleaning Before You Clean?!

So I had the funniest conversation today with my neighbour. I use a maid to clean my house. Its a choice. I keep the place tidy, but I don’t do the bathroom, or floors, or dust.....should I continue?! Lol

So I have the maid coming and I ask my neighbour if she’d like him to clean her place. First thing she says is yes, but that she has to clean her place first. I laughed out loud!!! A cleaning before a cleaning! Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?!! Its like giving 110%! It’s not possible. Once something is clean, its CLEAN!!!The conversation then went on to her not wanting the maid to see her underwear. I couldn’t help but chime in the fact that the maid is gay! Would the panty issue still be a problem? At that point she backed up her argument by stating that in that case, she didn’t want him wearing them! HAHA!

So, the cleaning before the cleaning! Must be a female thing. I won’t even bother walking to the washroom if I know the maid is coming the next day! Ha! Joke!

PS: Would a guy be known as a maid?! Or just the cleaning guy?
Does that change if he’s gay?! LOL