Wednesday, October 29, 2008

14 hours, 54 Minutes, and 58 Seconds

That's the amount of time left until the wedding as of when I've started typing this post. I cannot believe we are this close!! After a crazy 6 weeks we are soooo close, which leaves one very important question! What is going to happen tomorrow morning when the Monday and Manday meet at the alter?!

Opinions range from "happily ever after" to "happily never happens"! And the truth is that at this point we have absolutely no idea as to what is going to happen!

Don't forget you can listen online or on the radio at 8am and WATCH the festivities all happen via webcam at!

Dont forget to give me a call tonight at 1-866-467-1015 and let me know what you think about what's going to happen tomorrow!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Two Strangers in the Night

You know when you meet someone new. That first phone conversation can be pretty nerve racking..... Does the person want to talk to me? Are we going to have anything to talk about? Is it going to be awkward? Am I going to say something stupid?

So many questions, but imagine that you were going to marry that person within two weeks?! Ya, all those little questions don't seem to matter as much eh?! LOL

That's what's going on all this week on my show. We are down to the 5 groom finalists and every night between 7p and 10p I'll be airing segments of a phone conversation between our bride "Monday" and each days groom finalist!

We are going to hear two people fall in love live on the radio! How crazy is that!!! Or the converstation could be a train wreck! Either way, I'll be entertained and you will be too! Trust me!

This is like blind phone date with a wedding attached at the end! Come on, not even the producers of the TV show "Blind Date" could have thought of this!

So make sure to listen every night this week to hear all the drama between 6p and 10p on Energy 101.5!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Plot Thickens.....

Well, our social experiment "2 Strangers & a Wedding" has been going great so far! We have a fabulous bride who will definitely make a great wife!

Talked to her yesterday about her celebrity crush which started off as Brian Austin Green, and ended up being Kelly Hrudy! Yes, Hockey Night in Canada's Kelly Hrudy! Too funny! Gotta love her!

So I just found out that tomorrow on Page 6 of the Calgary Sun, apparently there will be a picture of Monday, our bride! Ummmm..... Pretty sure no one is supposed to see her until the wedding. K, not pretty sure....positive!

Not to sure what the deal is with this picture, but I'm going to have Kelly Doody (page 6 writer) on with me in the 6pm hour tonight to get the inside scoop...... and apparently she has some other big news for me!

Where else can you find this kind of drama?! LOL!

Talk to y'all tonight!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lip Service

K..... time for a good old fashioned rant. I talked about this on the air Sunday night, and I want to reiterate!!!

Ladies....... you may think biting a dude's lip while kissing is HAWT.....IT'S NOT!

A nibble is hawt! Taking out a fork and knife and having dinner on a lip is NOT!

Here's an easy gage....

- The guy moans a little and nibbles back: GOOD!

- The guy pulls away every time you do it and has to start kissing you differently because he doesn't want you to do it again:BAD

- You start to notice that you're pulling skin off and perhaps start to taste blood:VERY BAD

So keep this in mind next time you decide to go get some mouth to mouth action!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This Bride is on Fire!

In case you missed it, Monday's bride is the one who will be at the altar on October 30th for 2 Strangers and a Wedding!

What a smart and intelligent woman! Wish I could tell you she was beautiful but as it turns out I actually haven't seen her! But that's the point.... is love blind?!

So this has been quite a week for her. Last night she tried on wedding dresses and tonight she's having what I have dubbed as a "Planning Party". She's hooking up with the wedding planner and her close friends to try different cakes, and pick out stuff like the music and flowers!

I wonder what a guy version of this would be like?! LOL! I'm thinking guys hanging out, drinking beer watching football and getting nothing accomplished other than picking out what flavour of chicken wings they'll have at the wedding..... Oh, and perhaps a discussion on what brides maids the grooms buddies shoud go after!

Anyway, after 7p tonight I'll have our bride on the phone to discuss all the estrogen fueled fun of tonight's "Planning Party"!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Runaway Bride!

Our social experiment "2 Strangers and a Wedding" has been pretty much going off without a any major hitches........ and the today!

At the last second, Friday's Bride decided to bow out of Two Starangers.... She said she decided back on Tuesday but took the rest of the week to think about it.

The feedback today has been crazy. Some people have been very sympatetic. Others, not so much.

Our boss Rob Mise was none to pleased either apparently...... I think the words he used were "we got snowed"! Guess the worst part is that there were a bunch of other bride finalists that never got the chance to be in the top 5.....

and so it goes......

We now move on with only 4 finalists, that are all amazing and worthy of your vote! You can vote on the final 4 all weekend long at!

Vote your brains out.... because we all know this is way more interesting then the federal election! :)