Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brazilya Laser

I just completed my 4th laser hair removal treatment at BrazilYa…and WOW! What a difference! I’m so used to hair growing back instantly, and what always seems to be thicker and fuller…Well not anymore!

So far, the hair growth has slowed immensely, and its coming in far thinner than ever before. I’ve still got a few treatments to go before I’m totally rid of the hair, but I’d recommend this to anyone who feels self conscious about having hair in places you don’t want it. My only suggestion, is don’t debate music with Lea…she’s the one holding the laser after all!!

But in all seriousness, I’m much more comfortable to wear clothes that I’ve never been comfortable to wear before. In fact, all I’ve bought lately is v-neck shirts, and they finally look good! Seeing the results is really addictive, I’ve now moved away from focusing solely on my chest, and I’m now tackling a little bit of the hair on my arms and back.

This really has changed my life…No more mess to clean, and best of all my confidence just keeps going up! Don’t let hair get the best of you….Give Lea and the team at BrazilYa a call today, or visit Brazil Y A laser dot com.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Calgary Flames H1N1 Controversy

Calgary Flames players and family members recieved a private clinic for the H1N1 flu shot. It's stirred up quite a bit of controversy! Officials at Alberta Health Services admitted that protocol was not followed. I recieved a lot of comments on my Facebook wall. Check out what regular Calgarians think......

Monica Kozlowski
Not cool...just because you make millions does that mean you get special treatment? Not fair. I guess money buys you anything you want these days.
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Drew Siewert
I am sure the ceo's for all the head offices in Calgary got thier's in a private clinic too. 2 tier health has been here for a while already. Sports stars get MRI's in days when most of us wait for weeks. Cest La Vie!
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Maja Vidak
Thats BS. God forbid, The flames got sick and the season had to be cancelled. OH NOES!!!! I cant wait till this H1 shit passes, so sick of it.
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Tripp West
Alberta Health Services says protocol was broken...
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Paulina Katarzyna Liwski
This is truly pathetic because there are more way deserving people that need to get the shot and now they have to wait or they might not even get it at all. It shows the world, hey if you got money, you can get anything you desire.
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Christina Beer
Just another reason for me to never support the Calgary Flames.
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Jenn Ziebell
They should fire their publicist. That should have been kept under wraps. Lol
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Karla Strickland
Really? Big shocker there. So they got vaccines like many other people not in the high risk groups? they took advantage of a flawed system, like most people would. More vaccines will be produced, more people will get them. The mortality rate of H1N1 is lower than the seasonal's not like they just killed a bunch of babies.
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Tripp West
I think the question here is more about preferential treatment then it is about the actual vaccine or virus itself...
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Ivy Kaschl
I think they should be considered high risk... and just some food for thought... what about all these people who sat in line and got their shots and forced the closure of clinics when they werent even close to high risk, just paranoid??? now there are high risk people who should have got the shot sitting at home waiting for theirs cause other people were to ignorant to wait. i dont like the flames, but support them and everyone in the nhl getting it.
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Raquel Rule
personally I think the high risk groups and polices and other front line works should have been given it first then the regular population
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Melissa Fulton
I really don't see this as an issue. There are already confirmed H1N1 cases in the NHL and the players are required to travel, which puts them at higher risk. If containment is part of the issue then any person required to do extensive travel should be vaccinated.
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Vincent Tong
the flames should get shot , they suck , greedy mofos they already make millions and now they are stealing flu shot's??
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Cindy Kaufman
Completely ridiculous. I am not getting the shot but this is so unfair to the people who have already stood in 5 hour queues and to those who still have to wait to get it.
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Dean Udsen
Completely blown out of proportion! The chaos that would ensue having the flames stand In line with thousands of people. The gov't blew it by not proioritizing cases. Don't blame the flames for that. I have heard of other corps getting on site vaccinations as well. This is not a flames only situation.
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Ashley Kleutsch
I think that its a great idea that the Flames got their shots without standing in line. Could you imagine people like Jarome Iginla standing in line with thousands of people to get a needle, in which people would probably go up to him asking for his autograph? I have heard of other corporations as well getting their shots without standing in line.
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Kira Macleod
I agree with melisa fulton 100 % as well as thinking of the chaos it would have caused haveing the flames stand in line at a public clinic hahaha and no one is asking the govt if they have all had there shots and their families because I bet you money they all have and what puts them as high risk...
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Bri Hatcher
Ken King is just proving he has friends in high places. I know we can't all be first in line, and i'm ok with that. But what he did was give big heads more helium.
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Kaylin McCullough
It's a loose/loose situation. If half the team got pulled out for getting H1N1 the whole city would be up in amrs asking why they didn't get there shots, and everyone would be P.Oed they couldn't watch the Flames. But yet people are mad about it. H1N1 is overrated as it is. Like 10% of cases go to the hospital for it, just like any other normal flu.
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Alex Gurnett
come 1 week from now guess what no one will remember or care, some new guy like ballon boy dad or jon gosselin will get it and we can rip on them some more.
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Shanda McTighe
I'm sitting on the fence on this one... on one hand I don't think it's right, personally people working in health care, police, EMT's, firefighters etc are probably going to be in "more" contact with this than a sports professional, and should probably be moved to the "front of the line". But on the other hand look how much the team will be ... Read moretravelling in the next month, let alone the rest of the hockey season, they are going to get exposed, and could potentially bring another huge wave of it home with them, or take it to other cities. BUT then you get into the debate about pilots, and flight attendants. It's just a vicious circle.