Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who Has Time to Shop For Cards?

Who has time to shop for cards? I'm talking about birthday cards, wedding cards, anniversary cards, etc......

So here's the thing, walk into a pharmacy or a card store, and needless to say, there are a lot of cards to choose from! Different colours, different shapes, different sizes, they sing, they dance, they tell a story, they pop out, they colapse in, they cook you dinner (ok, they don't do that.....yet)!

Bottom line is that there is a ton of selection....but here's the thing! It still only takes men 5 minutes max to find a card. So who has time? Men do!

Women on the other hand....... what a mess! Might as well pack a lunch becasue we're gonna be here a while! Guys..... do not go card shopping with women if you at all value your time! I'd say it takes a minimum of 20 minutes per card.

And women, don't bother asking the chump you brought along if "they like this card". You may as well bring in a tape player that has the line "ya babe, that's a good one" on repeat!

Now you may ask why it takes them so long.... Bottom line is that they are looking for the perfect card that relates to whomever they're buying the card for and the relationship they share with that person.... Most ironic part is that despite how personal they want the card to be, it was written by someone else!! I'd rather a hand written note any day!

All this brings me to one conclusion. Despite how often women preach "it's the thought that counts" it's obviosly not the case. Guys can pick out any card in 5 minutes and it doesn't matter because "it's the thought that counts"! Obviously not the case with women because to them it's "whatever someone else wrote on this card is what counts"!

Guys, if you happen to get dragged into a pharmacy with a girl, let's hope it's to pick up tampons.... Although you may suffer from a lack of dignity, atleast you get to keep your precious time!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Break Up Songs

There's 2 things I associate with my ex-girlfriends which I'll never forget.

1. Their smell...

2. The break up song.....

You know whenever you smell your ex's smell it'll pop right out at you. That's usually a good association or memory. The break up song...... maybe not!

So, here is the list of break up songs from my last four long term girlfriends.

Nadia: "This Love" by Maroon 5
Wasn't even with her for that long, but it really hit me hard for some reason. Plus it was on and off a couple times. So the line "this love has taken it's toll on me" really made me feel better.

Sasha: "Here Without You" by 3 Doors Down
We didn't really break up. We had to becasue after 9 months she moved to Spain for school. So the reason for this song is pretty obvious.

Kassandra: "Lips of an Angel" by Hinder
I started dating my next girlfriend shortly after i broke up with Kassandra. Was with her for around 2 and a half years. Anyway, while I was with my new gf I was still pretty hung up for a while, so if you know the song, you know why it fits.

Sarah: "For The Nights I Can't Remember" by Hedley
We lasted about a year and a half. The whole thing was pretty rocky but was the first gf I lived with. The 6 months we lived together were horrible, and for some odd reason, it still kinda stings 8 months after we broke up..... weird! So the line "If fallin' for you girl is crazy, then I'm going out of my mind" kinda hit home for me.

So there you have it.... What are your break up songs?!!!

Update: July 18, 2:40pm

Found some stuff out..... it doesn't sting anymore! lol

Monday, July 14, 2008

Reason Why It Sometimes Sucks To Have A Girlfriend

I was in Edmonton last night to hang out with the Rockstar crew. Includes my good friend Adam H. who is the manager and producer for Canadian recording artist Elise Estrada. They're opening up for 50 Cent on his Canadian dates.

So some random people came to the afterparty which include a couple that are apparently engaged. Nice enough people.... Anyway, we were in the VIP area at a club, and in the VIP area Lloyd Banks (who is part of G-Unit) had his own private section.

I look over and the female in the couple was in there full on "groupie" style. Drinking, partying with the G-Unit guys. I look over and there is her fiancee standing around like a chump on the other side of the room, trying to pretend like he wasn't paying attention, but I saw right through it!! Why did I see through it???

Last summer my live in girlfriend was doing the same with Nickelback. I even went to the bar and she wouldn't hang out with me.... Then the next day I see pics of them together, hugging, cheek kissing, and overall her being uber-disrespectful. Worst part was my mom and friends had to see the pics because they were on facebook! Should have left her right then instead of hanging around for a few more months of crap....

So back to last night, the girl got super drunk and he had to take care of her after.... I feel bad for him. He tried to play it cool, but if that shows you're jealous, them I'm jealous. Just disrespectful! I've been there, it feels like crap and is the....... "Reason Why It Sometimes Sucks To Have A Girlfriend".

PS: I say "sometimes sucks" because if you're with the right person, this stuff never even comes up.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My First Post

Hey friends.... and it begins! My first post...

So what can you expect on this blog, you ask?

- my thoughts on my fav tv shows.. (american idol, lost, prison break, 24, anything on the discovery channel...)
- details on hot new music you gots ta check out.
- movie reviews (if i ever have time)
- My opinions on life... which include stuff on relationships (not my first day), fashion, and more.
- My Tripp's Tips which can be heard every Sunday on Manifest It with Kjarlune Rae, Canada's Top Clarivoyant!
- updates on my progress with P90X which is a super intense home work out program!
- fill you in on cool people and celebrities that i meet and how they really are.
- whatever else i feel like blabbing about.

My first one about the craziness the was Stampede will be coming soon!

Tripp Out!

(Seacrest is my hero)