Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight: Movie Review

Twilight, Twilight, Twilight. Neither me or any of my guy friends have ever heard of this book or movie. Yet every female I know seems to be obsessed. That being considered, I'm quite shocked that I'd never heard of this at all!

So I saw the movie last night, without having read the book, or having any idea about the movie...... and I was entertained.

I felt like I was at the premiere of the 4th Star Wars movie. Instead of being in a theatre full of nerdy guys, I was in a room of bright eyed girls..... but the energy was the same. You could feel it vibrating through the room.

Truth be told, I slept through the first 10 minutes....LOL. But the rest was good enough to keep me awake!

Twilight is the classic story of forbidden love. Think Romeo and Juliet for vampires. Thankfully, the movie kept a good pace. It developed the characters enough, without letting it drag on. Another massive theme was protection. I'm talking about the ultimate protection for the one that you love. Protection from you, as well as protection from the outside world. And with that protection come ultimate trust. Can she trust that she will always be protected. Think about that..... as far as I'm concerned, you can't have true love without protection and trust, and that's what this movie portrays for these two.

The movie was quite stylised as well, with a very cold colour pallet and cool camera work.

Some parts got pretty "fromage", but it didn't take away too much.

Then there was the moment before the first kiss between vampire boy and human girl. You could feel the anticipation in the room. It was all quite amusing for me actually. Every single female in the audience was holding their breath.... then BANG! Climax! Literally and figuratively! LOL

So guys... take your women to this movie. Like I said, I could sense how hot and bothered every woman in the room was. Not to mention there's a few good action scenes and a few laughs to keep the men entertained.

Plus vampire boy is a crazy good driver.... (I'm in love with Audi now!)

Twilight gets a 8.5 on 10 on the Tripp Scale!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Film Review: Saw 5

First off, I'm a huge horror film fan. And I don't often listen to critics when it comes to those types of movies......

They are what they are, and that's why I like them! And I've always like the Saw series.

Compared to other horror film series, this one actually ties together with it's predecessors. You can kind of tell that it was written backwards, as in they have to make up some back story to fit the current story.

So Saw is all about the death sequences right..... RIGHT! Well, they didn't disappoint! Let's just say they were even given a bit of a twist, so that was a nice change!

You know what though.... I almost dare to say that I'm not getting that grossed out anymore with these movies. I cool storyline does keep these Saw movies somewhat fresh though.

I suggest if you're a Saw fan, and I know there are a ton out there considering how much money this film series has made (the first Saw was supposed to be direct to DVD) you will continue to enjoy the series..... You know, the series where the good guys never win! HA!