Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How They Looking?!

Everyone's Favorite Hollywood Ambiguosly Lesbian Duo in Mexico:

Ya, you guessed it! Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson......

How about Rachel? Was Brad Pitt right or wrong for leaving Jennifer Aniston for Angelina?!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hey friends! OK, so lots of huge things going on in Energy 101.5 land lately!

First off, 2 Strangers and A Wedding is on and just rockin' right now. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go to energy1015.com. To make a long story short, we're going to get 2 people to meet at the altar and say "I Do" before actually ever seeing each other!

Sounds crazy.... I know! But we're taking this very seriously and putting the candidates through some crazy screening processes! (including lie detector tests live on the air!)

Something like 35 brides have applied so far! That's nutty!

We also have a VERY pink SUV driving around with the 2 Stranges and a Wedding logo on it. I was actually touring around in it yesterday...... I think VERY pink may be and understatement!

I actually had to keep looking down to make sure I was still attached while driving that thing! Don't think anyone could ever again question if I'm comfortable with my masculinity! LOL!

AIGGGHHHHTTT.......... Here's the other big news!

As of September 25th, I will be starting the all new Evening Show on Energy 101.5. I'll be live Monday to Friday from 6pm to 11pm! I have some really big plans for the show which will all slowly develop over the coming months. I have a somewhat wacky life and nothing will be off limits as far as I'm concerned once we get rolling!

All the HOTTEST music along with all the HOTTEST chat and listener interaction! It will truly be "a show"!

That being said, I need a name for the show! Please send forth your ideas!

If your idea stick I will be eternally grateful, and will def owe you a few drinks at The Whiskey.... (which I'm live at every Saturday night!!!)

Today's Bryan Adams Song Quote:

"it's not my style, I live for the minute,

if ya wanna stay young get both feet in it!"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Saturday Night Live To Air At The Whiskey

Sooooooooo stoked for this Saturday. Energy 101.5. Is starting a very special Live To Air from The Whiskey om 10th ave!

What does that mean you ask?

That means everything that happens in the club between 9p and 1a will be going on the radio. Trust me, if you're gonna be listening Saturday night, you're gonna wanna come by and say hello!

Zack from the afternoon show is going to be DJing and he's honestly one of the best DJs I've ever heard! He's been spinning for 16 years for God sakes!

As for The Whiskey..... the closest you're gonna find to a Vegas nightclub in Calgary. The decor is HAWT, the light show is HAWT, and the people are even HAWTTER!

And I'll be hosting and generally having a lot of fun! So here is the deal. Find me near the DJ booth. Come say hello, and we're gonna party!! How simple is that?!

See you Saturday night at The Whiskey!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mid-Twenties Crisis

I've just discovered the mid-twenties crisis! So if a mid-life crisis is getting old and buying and doing things that you would feel like you're in your twenties again, then the mid-twenties crisis is doing something in you mid-twenties that makes you feel like a teenager again!

And truth be told, it's not really a crisis! It's a good thing.....

So for whatever reason, I whole heartedly, of sound heart and mind, decided to go buy a comic book! I used to love comic books and all things nerdy when I was 15, but I haven't bought one since then!

I walked into the comic book store and it was fricken' surreal because now I can have anything I wanted in the store which definitely wasn't the case when I was 15.

That is the coolest feeling in the world.

So take advantage of your mid-twenties...... um, situation! Now that you have some money go and do something that you loved when you were a teenager, but couldn't do as much as you would have liked to because of obvious reasons. Chances are you'll still enjoy it in your mid-twenties!

My partner in crime, Kjarlune Rae (Canada's top clarivoyant and manifestation expert) liked to drink and hang out with her boyfriend at 15, so I suggested she go clear out a liquor store, and perhaps hire an escort to enjoy it with! LOL!

So don't mind me.... I'll be over here nerding it up with my new Spiderman comic book. Time for this kid to go on a living spree!